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Refining Your Football Pools Draw Selections

The football pools - a way of life for many punters, and a massive business in many countries around the world. There's plenty of information on plans, my system, pools strategy and the rest, on many pages of this site. People do win using football pools systems, and I'm one of them. Here's a news feed to help you refine your selections.

I talk elsewhere about how the system works, and how (in general) we arrive at a set of selections which give us a good edge, and chance to win in the medium to long run.

We work through using the scoring of the last series of matches (more in the book) and sort out the wheat from the chaff as far as a given week's matches look in draw terms. That loses at least half the matches, and simplifies the task. When we have our selections reduced to say, 20, and we need to trim them further to fit out plan - which may span 15 or 17 draw selections, then we have to use a bit of savvy. We can check to see who are the home or away experts, just in case, and eliminate them from our list.

Most pools punters, though, are football fans too, and that's where knowledge of the game can come in handy. I keep track of the football news, and tweet the intersting stories. OK, they're not football pools related - some are just plain interesting to football fans.

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